The House — 1/27/2018

House 1.27.18The house at 87 Hawkes Avenue on January 27, 2018

There’s been some activity at 87 Hawkes Avenue lately.  Orange plastic fencing has gone up at the entrance with a “Posted Private Property” sign and workers have been seen in and about the house.  Plastic sheeting has been thrown over the porch balcony.  So, it looks to me like preparations are underway to demolish the c. 1860s farmhouse that has been enjoying its day in the sun.

I can’t really argue that this is a historical wonder, but it is always sad to me to see old things destroyed.  Because they certainly built things much more sturdily in the olden days . . .

For those of you in the area, please feel free to send me any and all pictures of this process.

One thought on “The House — 1/27/2018

  1. Thanks for the post Caroline, yes looks like it is finally going to happen. Can’t figure out why they are now protecting the bushes in front of the porch and the Japanese maple tree is still there though….. Somehow gives me hope 😊


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