2/15/2018 – Demolition time

Thanks to Town Supervisor Dana Levenberg for sending out advance warning of the demolition of the 1860s farmhouse at 87 Hawkes Avenue:

We have received word from the Town Building Department that a demolition project is tentatively scheduled to begin tomorrow (Thursday, February 15th) and is expected to last for several days. This will occur at 87 Hawkes Avenue, the former insurance agency building on the future site of the Parth Knolls development.

The staging is scheduled to begin tomorrow (Thursday) and last through the end of this week; demolition is scheduled for Monday, February 19th and should take about a day, followed by several days of clean-up. All required conditions, including asbestos abatement, utility removal, rodent inspection and dust prevention were met. 

Please call the Town Building Department at (914) 762-8419 with any questions.


5 thoughts on “2/15/2018 – Demolition time

  1. This is quite a remarkable coincidence. Monday febuary 19th, demolition day, will be exactly the 100th birthday of Dr Andrija Puharich, former owner of the 87 Hawkes Avenue estate. Does coincidence exist? This was one of the questions Dr Puharich tried to answer in his research. What invisible forces are at work in our world and how do we interpret phenomenal coincidence? Is there an afterlife and are spirits able to influence events in our world? Are there aliens out there mingling with our affairs? His conclusion was that there is a lot going on beyond our dimension and maybe this is a confirmation……..


  2. Such a beautiful, peaceful and exciting place in it’s day…whether by chance or design, what a fitting day to commemorate this great man who ran this place for many years….Dr. Andrija Puharich.


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