Day 79 — Big Mounds of Dirt

IMG_0277So, this sign went up last Friday afternoon, setting the stage for some serious activity at 87 Hawkes Avenue.  As mentioned in my previous post, Ossining Town Supervisor Dana Levenberg sent out an alert regarding the impending demolition of the house.  February 15, 16 & 17 came and went, but the house still stands.  For now.

What HAS been happening is earthmoving.  Large mounds of dirt have been neatly piled up around the house, like a medieval motte and bailey castle under construction.

IMG_1322I couldn’t get around to the left side of the house, but there are large mounds of dirt there too.  I can’t help wondering if the excavators are digging up relics and historical artifacts as they shift all this soil.  What might they find??

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