Trees down (now cleared)

Trees down 3.3.2018The building site at 87 Hawkes didn’t escape last week’s Nor’easter — at least two of the big pine trees bordering Deerfield toppled over.  (I wonder if they made a noise?  Probably, because they’re no longer in a forest . . . ba dum dum!  I’m here all week folks.)  Luckily they fell into the cleared space and not into the condos.

Another tree fell over onto the stone wall bordering Hawkes:

Trees down 2

But to give credit where credit is due, the crew cleared those trees within 24 hours.  Now, they’re back to grading the old farmhouse site.  I guess they’ll probably take tomorrow off what with the snow-blizzard-nor’easter-pocalyse that’s predicted.


2 thoughts on “Trees down (now cleared)

  1. So….if a tree falls during a storm in the middle of a construction zone, should the developer reactively apply for a tree removal permit and be responsible for planting replacement trees?


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