Day 100 – A Retrospective

Here we are at Day 100 (give or take) of the development of 87 Hawkes Avenue.  I wish I had a picture from today to post, but with the weather and all, it wasn’t feasible.

Anyway, they say a picture is worth a thousand words . . .  So consider this post about 10,000 words.

87 Hawkes Avenue July 2017:

November, 2017 – the trees start coming down:IMG_0950

December, 2017 – Trees are cleared, stacked and ready to go:

January, 2018 –  The house is next:IMG_0976

February 15, 2018 – But first, the ground is cleared of stumps, and smoothed with woodchips:
12:12 all quiet 212:12 all quiet

February 17, 2018 – Mounds of dirt are scraped upIMG_1321

February 21, 2018 – And there goes the house:2.21.20182.21.2018a

Now, it looks like they’re cobbling together a rough road that leads from Hawkes Avenue all the way to the center of the site.  If I’m reading the site plans correctly, this is where the entrance to Parth Knolls will eventually be situated.

Get ready for some traffic, Hawkes Avenue peeps!


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