Day #462 — Parth Knolls rising

So, as of February 2, 2019, this is what the Parth Knolls building site looks like: As you can see in the excerpt from their proposed building plan below, Proposed Building #1 is well underway, and the foundation of Proposed Building #2 is almost if not completely finished: Here's a front and rear elevation sketch … Continue reading Day #462 — Parth Knolls rising


Day #224 . . .

I've dropped the ball on posting for the past few months.  It's not that little has happened -- quite the opposite, actually.  In fact, it's been quite interesting to watch the massive quantities of dirt being moved around, the endless parade of heavy equipment, the road being opened up day after day.  Here's a look … Continue reading Day #224 . . .

River Knolls — 40 Croton Dam Road

While there has been some activity at 87 Hawkes Avenue, the weather over the past few weeks has taken its toll, so there's not much to report.  Instead, I thought I'd take this opportunity to highlight another large, nearby, development proposal:  River Knolls, 40 Croton Dam Road. River Knolls, a proposed 188-unit apartment complex is … Continue reading River Knolls — 40 Croton Dam Road

87 Hawkes in the News!

Dateline: Ossining, February 21, 2018 87 Hawkes Avenue was the subject of a News 12 Westchester story yesterday -- check out the link here. One correction to the above -- they kept referring to the fact that Dr. Andrija Puharich "allegedly" lived at 87 Hawkes Avenue.  He most definitely did.  I've corroborated this through his … Continue reading 87 Hawkes in the News!