Day #626 – Parth Knolls update and River Knolls comment

First, it's July 17, 2019 and here's the current status of the Parth Knolls project at 87 Hawkes Avenue.  Building #1 awaits final exterior work and building #2 is well on its way to completion:   I can't help but compare this to what stood here before (photo taken from almost the same spot in … Continue reading Day #626 – Parth Knolls update and River Knolls comment

Day #462 — Parth Knolls rising

So, as of February 2, 2019, this is what the Parth Knolls building site looks like: As you can see in the excerpt from their proposed building plan below, Proposed Building #1 is well underway, and the foundation of Proposed Building #2 is almost if not completely finished: Here's a front and rear elevation sketch … Continue reading Day #462 — Parth Knolls rising

87 Hawkes in the News!

Dateline: Ossining, February 21, 2018 87 Hawkes Avenue was the subject of a News 12 Westchester story yesterday -- check out the link here. One correction to the above -- they kept referring to the fact that Dr. Andrija Puharich "allegedly" lived at 87 Hawkes Avenue.  He most definitely did.  I've corroborated this through his … Continue reading 87 Hawkes in the News!