A Pumphouse on Hawkes Avenue

Did you ever noticed this stone structure?  It was tucked behind 87 Hawkes Avenue.  When I first moved here, I would notice it ever so briefly through the Deerfield condos when I drove north on 9A.  I wondered what it was, but never bothered to pursue it. One of my faithful readers contacted me last … Continue reading A Pumphouse on Hawkes Avenue

The House — 1/27/2018

The house at 87 Hawkes Avenue on January 27, 2018 There's been some activity at 87 Hawkes Avenue lately.  Orange plastic fencing has gone up at the entrance with a "Posted Private Property" sign and workers have been seen in and about the house.  Plastic sheeting has been thrown over the porch balcony.  So, it … Continue reading The House — 1/27/2018